James Chu

James Chu was born in Macau. During the 1990s, he studied engraving at the Macau Visual Art Academy. He holds a BA in Graphic Communication from the School of Arts, Macau Polytechnic Institute (1998). In 2008, he completed a Master’s Degree on Cultural Studies, at The Lingnan University, in Hong Kong. Currently James serves as Chairman of Macau Designers Association (2015-2020), Exhibition Director and Founder of Macau Design Centre, Director and Founder of Zhuhai-Macau Design Centre, Coordinator and Founder of Tak Chun Macau Art Garden and member of China Art Society. James has held 7 solo exhibitions in Macau and Beijing as well as participated in more than 100 group exhibitions worldwide, including the 54th International Art Exhibition La Biennale di Venezia – Macau representative artist in 2011. He was awarded more than 50 International Design and Art awards, including the 5th Macau Design Biennale – Distinction Award. His works are collected by Orient Foundation, Macau Museum of Art, Philippe Charrol Foundation, Hong Kong Hyatt Hotel and over 30 private collectors from China, Japan, UK, USA, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Macau.