Ana Pérez-Quiroga


Born 1960, Coimbra. Lives and works in Lisbon.

A practicing artist since the late 1990s, her current work focuses on the formation of individual identity through domestic contexts, objects and memory. Her interactive and participatory projects reflect hers and the public’s relation with material culture. She holds a PhD from Coimbra University (2017) and is represented in several international collections.

Photography: Ricardo Polónio



Stitched Silk
400 x 300 cm

*Image courtesy of ALBERGUE SCM / ALBcreativeLAB

The world in its true colors

225 strips of embroidered pure silk in 75 different colors
Dimensions variable (each silk strip 36 x 200cm)
Image Courtesy of Rui Luz

*This work is part of the online exhibition only. The exhibition will display another wor