Angela Li Zhenxiang
Chinese young artist Angela Li Zhenxiang graduated from China Academy of Arts with a scholarship and received a Master Degree from the University of the Arts London. She has exhibited her work in a number of exhibitions including 2010 London Design Festival in the V & A Museum, 2014 London “Passion for Freedom” Art Competition, UK 2015 “Open West” exhibition and 2019 Mexico-China show in Mexico City Museum. Her art works and interviews are published in London Phoenix magazines, Wimbledon Guardian and other international publications. In addition, she has a profound understanding to the cultural differences through exploring art in over 30 cities in the World. She founded the ART23 Contemporary Art Gallery in Guangzhou in 2015. She has curated hundreds of related events, contemporary art exhibitions and academic seminars for outstanding international artists in last four years and make ART23 became one of the most influential contemporary art spaces in Guangzhou.