Clarissa Baumann


Born 1988, in Rio de Janeiro, she lives and works in Montpellier.

A graduate in Drawing from the University of Rio de Janeiro and the National Fine Arts School of Paris, she is equally trained in contemporary dance. As a result, her visual work connects notions of gesture, performativity, dance and music. In 2016, Baumann was the winner of the Beaux-Arts de Paris Prize and the Adagp Révélation des Arts Plastiques Prize.

Photography: Michael Serfaty



Ephemeral installation and Performance; Photograph
Duration variable
Image Courtesy of the Artist

*This work is part of the online exhibition only. The exhibition will display another work.

Clarissa Baumann

TAC TAC (Bate-Pedra)

HD Video, stereo sounds, color

*Image courtesy of the Artist