Lenny Ratnasari Weichert


Born 1970, in Bandung, she lives and works in Jakarta and Yogyakarta.

Lenny Ratnasari is an artist who explores conflicting aspects of human uniqueness. At the crossroads of a ‘glocal’ reference system, she navigates the Orient and the Occident investigating religion, subcultures, taboo and the positioning of women in society. She is also owner and manager of Kersan Art Studio in Yogyakarta, an art space dedicated to process-art and acts as a facilitator for artists and the community.


To Be or Not To Be

Silicone, light, wood, glass, paras stone
Variable dimensions
Image Courtesy of the Artist

*This work is part of the online exhibition only. The exhibition will display another work.


Aroma of Vertiver

Vertiver and loofah
Dimension variable

Image courtesy of the ALBERGUE SCM / ALBcreativeLAB Lenny Ratnasari Weichert