Kiko Tabuchi


Born 1977, in Osaka. Lives and works in Osaka.

A graduate in Interior Design from the Osaka University of Arts, Kiko Tabuchi Kyoko moved to Los Angeles in 2001 where she became a full-time graphic designer and illustrator. Her black and white illustration works frequently address magical creatures drawn from references in the natural world but imbued of a technical appearance. This combination of natural and technical resonates with children fantasies and animation.

Kiko Tabuchi


Rotring isograph pen on illustration paper
20 x 20 cm x 10

courtesy of the ALBERGUE SCM / ALBcreativeLAB
Kiko Tabuchi


Rotring isograph pen on illustration board
20 x 14.5 cm
Image courtesy of the artist

*This work is part of the online exhibition only. The exhibition will display another work.